ISO : Aperture : Speed : Photography


you know about photograpgy?
you know about ISO <> Aperture <> Speed setting?
this is the basic knowledge to become a good photographer

see the differences of 3 pictures below

my hubby take it at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur about 8 months ago
with differences ISO <> Aperture <> Speed

but now, 
he is forget to use that setting
Allahuakbar, I really hope my hubby will study again about DSLR camera setting to take a marvelous picture 
right hubby?

me? I just click the shutter release button


MaryaYusof said...

Salam dear,
I guna automatik je...tak reti benda2 complicated ni...hehehe... aperture, iso sume tu bior org lelaki je yg buat...kite posing2 je...ye dok...kekekek

maszmadi said...

betul tu, setuju sangat2..... auto sudah, pandailah camera tu buat bagi gambar cantik kan... yang ptg kita posing... hehe